hi I am anjii, physically I am like a floppy potato, but mentally I am as sharp as a butter knife. if you have pressing concerns or casual pick up lines just send an ask yes.

o-omg th ank u cries…

Anonymous whispered : *whispers* you are so pretty like a fairy i can't believe you're real 0///0

om g who are u leers……

Anonymous whispered : Tell me how one goes about being even 1/16th as awesome as you.

o-omg who r u talkin to surely it is not me…. e ue….

b lushes


hey if anyone has a place in the indy area I might need somewhere to stay for a few days. might be getting kicked out or something, please send me an ask. I dont have any form of transportation, so I can’t go anywhere too far away. im currently in the avon area outside indianapolis.

sorry to tag aywas, but you guys are some of the only people I interact with on the internet.

h ng if anyone is in this area please consider helping out my friend here!